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Сервер Hellbound от команды L2Emu сборка 3475

Ну вот! очередное обновление от Emu! Прямо сейчас на ней играю! Исправлено очень много багов, работает выращивание животных)

reorganizing NPCs

refactorizing npc buffers htmls

refactor finished with axe now start knife changes

some changes for new updates

deprecating unused classed

npc buffer update continues

typo fix for event Squash

fixes for hellbound update

Fix for custom npc table

fix for a bad skill sync

fix pets stats

small clean

npc buffer rework in progress

Fix for paralize

corrections for npc buffer, dont use this now it is unstable

dp update

clean up for extras sql

corrections for buffer configs

NPc Buffer rework in progress... addding missing windows, and fixing some targets

fix return page send when non donator request

Npc Buffer the Return...
- added missing pk notitification for karma players.
- converted some variables to final, this prevent switches typos.
- some corrections
- and lot more improvements

more dp support for npc buffer

Delete test drop. Spellbook Summon Feline King add to drop list in 3400 rev

Add new spellbook

Add drop 2 new spellbook

Begin the new pets introduction. Wolfs

Wolfs correct summom items

buypass for mage/fighters prophet dance and songs buffs

Wolfs Summon Items

New Wolfs into npc.sql Need to rewrite stats

Wolfs: PetsStats?.sql Support for new Wolfs

Finished Great Wolfs now works like official
TO DO: Add the exange in clan hall managers and pet managers
Rework stats of the pets

Begin Red Striders

add back broken staff

implement merchant price config, use ZoneId? change to TownId?, tested, need dp update

buffer config update

adding missing cp/hp/mp in npc buffer

improvements for npc buffer , animation is disabled when is casting all buffs to improve performance

add missing HP/MP/CP restore for dances buypass

lil rework for npc buffer html's

more corrections for npc buffer

Last Clean. NPC Buffer Works Perfect

lil fix for skills Void Burst, Void Flow

last config to allow/disallow the use of Pet Buffer

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