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Сервер Hellbound от команды L2Emu сборка 3350

fix for Seven Signs Config file path

cleaning seven signs configs

Add skils for Special Jewels

fix for magnus chant

lets start making hellbound

some new configs for hellbound

Restarted Npc Buffers Rework, improving instance and unhardcoding a lil

New Red Strider and the evolution of baby
Leter I will commit White Craig Wolf and White Ground Wolf

Adding 2 custom events - Squash, Trick or Transmutation (WARN: need test)

Summon wyvern from aden ch has been removed from official

some changes for apella armors. (need more work)

hellbound corrections for Avant-Garde

more fixes for new transformations

adding squash event but still only for test

fix for avant-grade (players can see transfrormation list without quest Completed)

fix for 136 quest matching the last gs updates

added Icarus weapons into //gmshop (S80 weapons)

Since Hellbound you can buy low c grade stuff in aden weapon shop

Added Icarus SAs

Added Transform Sealbook

Added temp stats for pet 81 lvl and higher

Few fixes for new weapon

И незабудь! Потэстил отпешись!!

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1. Кирилл - Модер. (Zeqp) [ссылка]
Я протестил - ошибок не нашёл... Пока-что biggrin

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