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CS: Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne - Version 3.0 RC9

Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne - Version 3.0 RC9 14.21
Ещё одна Beta версия War 3 Frozen Throne мода .
Мод работает только с AMXX 1.80 !
- Addition: [FS#29] Client console commands for all items
- Addition: [FS#59][WEB] Rank based on TOTAL XP - "total" option added to config file
- Bug Fix: [FS#46] Immolate not doing the proper amount of damage
- Bug Fix: [FS#47] Warden's Hardened skin was not working correctly
- Bug Fix: [FS#48] Fixed undead's ultimate going off when hexed
- Bug Fix: [FS#66] Server crash when using wc3_giveitem with item_id over 17
- Bug Fix: [FS#63] Server crash on given maps b/c of sprite count
- Bug Fix: [FS#57] cl_minmodels check failure
- Bug Fix: [FS#70] g_iSpawnReserved index out of bounds
- Bug Fix: [FS#67] Mole is shown to spectators when mole is in slot2
- Bug Fix: Respawn failing with AMXX 1.80
- Bug Fix: Menus not working with AMXX 1.80
- Bug Fix: [FS#65] Stuck protection triggered after new round started
- Bug Fix: [FS#55] Command /levitation now available for any race with skill levitation
- Bug Fix: [FS#54] Sock item always set gravity to 0.5 (wc3_sock value ignored)
- Bug Fix: [FS#53] Deselected skills are no longer saved to database (will be saved as skill level as 0)
- Bug Fix: [FS#35] Player couldn't respawn after WC3_Kill (generally after warden ultimate)
- Bug Fix: [FS#26] If warden is killed last and immunity check should not occur (i.e. killer shouldn't lose a necklace charge)
- Bug Fix: [WEB] Searching based on steam id or player

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